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Shiftkey Labs

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NSCC is proud to be a partner in Shiftkey Labs formerley ICT Sandbox!
Shiftkey Labs is about ideas and innovation – turning a great technology-related idea into a venture. It is a resource for teams of students to develop ideas into proposals for a business venture or a social enterprise. It includes a physical workspace, curricular and extra-curricular programming, mentorship and material support to help teams to develop prototype and a sustainable business model.
Shiftkey Labs is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Computer Science and the Faculty of Management at Dalhousie University and integrates both the computing aspects and the Starting Lean business aspects needed to be successful.
To learn more about Shiftkey Labs and how you can take advantage of its programming and resources contact NSCC Entrepreneurship, or visit the Shiftkey Labs website.
Its events are also posted on the e2 events page.

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Shiftkey Labs

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